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I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for years and had been told that my only two options were suffering through or prescription medication. Paige helped me explore a third option, gut health! I had NO idea that my gut health could affect my mental space! Paige is like a nutritional Sherlock Holmes, she took all my symptoms and kept digging till she got to the root of the problem. She then laid out a very simple and clear plan of how to start to repair my Gut ! I am not medication free yet but I am well on my way! I feel so much better since working with Paige, she is incredibly professional, knowledgeable and kind.
Paige is very passionate about health and nutrition. She is constantly educating herself and it shows in what she does. When I worked with her I never felt ashamed about what I ate even though it can be very unhealthy. Paige gave practical tips and encouragement. She is compassionate and helpful.
Paige has come through for me time and time again in moments when I feared no one else would dare to. She has held space for me in every way a person can hold space for another. Paige meets every situation with necessary honesty, paired with understanding and encouragement. She holds herself in such a way that inspires all of those around her to continually self-reflect, become aware of their communities, and strive to grow. She is strong and resilient, and never gives up on the people in her life and the cause at her core. The world needs Paige Snyder, in every capacity, and I am so deeply grateful that I was able to come to know her so early on. Inviting Paige into your life, whether it be in a work or personal capacity, will always remain one of the best decisions a person could make. I hope you do make that decision, and I guarantee that you will quickly understand why.
I have been a patient of Paige's Since July of 2016. I came to her with a lifetime of intestinal trouble, depression, anxiety and overwhelming inability to cope with the most average of situations both physically and emotionally. I had been on a lifetime of western medicine and was finally starting to explore the outer rings of medicine as the traditional style was failing me again and again, and for the most part was making me worse. Paige presented all my conditions in a manner that proved with lab testing and other resources that the methods and program she was installing in my life had actual merit and credibility in its foundation, thus putting my fears to deep rest and allowing me the headspace required to give the new regiment the time needed to become actively palpable in my system on a day to day basis. Through a series of diet changes, supplemental routines, lifestyle shifts in all senses and an overall shift in my view towards alternative medicine. Besides her wealth of knowledge it’s actually her bedside manner that has kept me positive, motivated, seeing progress in lateral movements, understanding the process of detoxifying the system in order to allow it to be healthy again and all of the questions along the way were approached with the kindness and thoughtfulness that every patient could benefit from. Paige has hit the nail on the head time and time again with what’s going on in my body, has proved the theories via testing, and created regiments that not only changed my physical health but also altered my day to day life quality in a manner that can’t be quantified in just written form.