If you are a close friend or family, you are probably sick of hearing me say the word “NutrEval.”

A NutrEval is my favorite lab test to run on, well, anyone that will let me. It is one of the most comprehensive tests I’ve ever seen. The NutrEval FMV® is a blood and urine test that evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body’s functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, toxic exposure and other select nutrients. There is also the option to add-on Genomic SNPs (buccal swab) including MTHFR, COMT, TNF-a, and APOE. This test is a great option no matter what, if anything, is going on with you because all of our bodily systems require various nutrients to function correctly.

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I love how this tests shows you in an easy to read chart, not only where your values are but will also show you if you are close to out of range so that you can use preventative measures. Additionally, they tell you what the nutrient does, what deficiency can look like, and foods that have that nutrient.

Another benefit is that this test is a good option if you can’t afford a lot of lab work. Many insurance companies will cover most of the cost, and either way, Genova, the lab that makes the test, also has a payment plan option to help with any budget.

It is also an excellent place to start if you think you might need a stool test, hormone test, or toxic exposure test. The markers on the NutrEval are enough to go off for many symptoms to help me create a plan for you, decide if more testing is needed, or if it is best to see a specialist.

Out of my clients over the last three years, here are the most common deficiencies I see:

Clients are all over the US, ranging in age from 17 – 70, and various sexes.

B12, B6, Omega3’s: 52% of clients are deficient













Vitamins B2 & B3, Glutathione: 67% of clients are deficient


Plant-based antioxidants: 71% of clients are deficient



Alpha-lipoic acid, Vitamins B1 & D: 76% of clients are deficient









Magnesium: 95% of clients are deficient

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