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Welcome to Make Your Health A Priority!

This site is a meeting ground for all topics related to health, wellness, and healing. The information here will connect you to the highest version of yourself through therapeutic nutrition, mindfulness, functional medicine, trauma healing, Ayurveda, TCM, and using lab work to find real balance.

I’m Paige. I have a Master’s in Human Nutrition and am a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist®; with that education, plus clinical and life experience, I have identified eight key elements for healing that anyone can apply to their life to achieve radical wellness.

This approach is not one-size-fits-all; instead, the elements are guidelines that will steer you to the habits and practices you can use to cultivate real health and give you the tools you need to become an expert on your body.

My goal is to give you the resources to create your ideal life with thriving health and happiness.

Read below to find out more about the eight elements and my approach to becoming your most vibrant, healthy, and thriving self.

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Changing the way you eat, what you eat, and when you eat can have the fastest (and most delicious) impact on your health. Sometimes, even when we have a balanced diet, our bodies need some additional support—cue functional medicine. Using functional foods and methods, along with as-needed supplement support, radically helps those who already have a diagnosis as well as those that are still figuring out the root of their concerns. Although chronic disease might show up in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or beyond, it can start developing in your body during your 20’s and 30’s. Every bite we take either fights or feeds disease.



Water sustains all life. It is essential for every biological pathway, including digestion and absorption, circulation, respiration, detoxification, and more. As little as a 2% change in hydration can affect one’s athletic performance, so imagine what a small amount of dehydration can do to your day to day functions. Although it can be a great place to star, for some people, hydrating may not be as simple as drinking more water. Certain aspects of our health, such as poor absorption, current medications, and nutrient deficiencies, may lead to dehydration even if you are drinking the right amount of water daily. Tune in to my blogIG, and YouTube channel to learn how to get the best quality water that is free from fluoride, bacteria, viruses, cyst, pharmaceuticals, and more.



Restorative sleep is one of the most vital processes our bodies go through. According to the National Sleep Foundation, as much as 60% of people in the U.S. report difficulties with sleeping, which can lead to nervousness, trouble with hormones, acne, focus, memory, weight loss or gain, and so much more. Through good sleep practices, you can foster an elevated anabolic state, supporting the immune, skeletal, and muscular systems, allowing you to rebuild and promote youthfulness. I want to teach you to achieve regenerative sleep, using a personalized strategy, to foster the best sleep of your life, for the rest of your life.

Movement & Bodywork


We all know that physical activity is an integral part of thriving. I prefer promoting the idea of movement, which can be any physical activity that you enjoy and can fit into your life seamlessly. Top athletes also use bodywork in conjunction with training to fine-tune their physical health and recovery. “Bodywork” refers to a wide variety of practices, including multiple forms of massage, myofascial release, physical therapy, occupational therapy, upper cervical chiropractic, acupuncture, and more. These bodywork practices can make an incredible difference in healing and achieving your goals.

Meditation & Breathwork


One of the most important practices I’ve ever incorporated into my day to day life is meditation. It is one of the most effective east-meets-west practices for managing stress, anxiety, worry, trauma, and PTSD. Meditation has been used for centuries by various healing modalities. More recently, researchers have identified some clinically-proven benefits of meditation. These benefits include healing from childhood trauma and PTSD, reshaping your brain, balancing hormones, improving sleep and skin quality, pain management, better orgasms (you read that right), and an overall sense of happiness. It also oxygenates the body, providing better digestion, absorption, and detoxification.

Nature & Sunlight


As human animals, we are strongly connected with nature. We can have all of the technology in the world. Still, it doesn’t change the necessity of the sun, water, mountains, fresh air, plants, and other glories of nature that provide us with the negative ions that help offset the positive ions from all the screen exposure. Negative ions have been proven to neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism, enhance immune function, purify the blood, balance the autonomic nervous system, and promote deep sleep and healthy digestion. If you aren’t a fan of the great outdoors, don’t let this section turn you away. There are modern lifehacks like using a few house plants to improve the air quality of your home, fostering tranquility, and how grounding practices can improve your health simply by stepping into your yard.



If you fall into the category of people that thinks you are not creative or do not have artistic ability, I hope you change your mind. Creativity can come in so many forms, including dance, glass blowing, event planning, sewing, carpentry, or cooking. Creativity can still foster calmness, improve brain function, and create a sense of accomplishment. It is never too late to start being creative. Remember, Vera Wang did not design her first wedding dress until she was 40.



Love shows up in many forms during our lives. Fostering healthy boundaries, good habits, mindfulness, and strong intimacy practices can not only improve your relationships with others but can also improve the most important relationship: the one you have with yourself. I love to share impactful practices to enhance every relationship you have and for those that need it, to fall deeply and unconditionally in love with yourself.


Make Your Health a Priority is a space where you can learn to improve the main elements in your life to build your most vibrant, healthy, and thriving self. By balancing your basic needs of sleep, nutrition, hydration, movement, and sunlight, along with bringing intention to mediation, love, and creativity, real health and healing are possible.

This site gives you the tools you need to develop positive lifestyle habits through blogs, recipes, the most up-to-date scientific information, and methods from ancient healing traditions.

Book an appointment today with me to get the most direction in your healing process. I use lab work to pinpoint what may be happening with your current body chemistry that could set you up for chronic disease in the future and maybe the source of your symptoms. Using the information gleaned from the report, I will help you make a plan that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.

From my clinical practice and personal experience with health struggles, I have found eight essential practices that will lead us all to true health, vitality, wellness, and radiance. 

I have created several resources for you to help you become an expert on your health. Head over to the blog and recipe center for regular information on all topics health, healing, and thriving. You can also access my IG and YouTube channel for videos and more in-depth discussions.

You can also book an appointment with me today for personalized information on how your biochemistry, what deficiencies are holding you back, and a complete plan to help you reach your health, nutrition, and vitality goals that will fit into your life. Sign up for our email list to get notifications on new posts, sales, and exclusive information. 




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